Deploying to BizTalk Services

The busy life at SolidSoft got in the way, but I finally got some hands-on time with the recently re-released, in preview, Windows Azure BizTalk Services.

It didn’t take long before I hit the first hurdle – it took a bit of time to get my BizTalk services account set-up, but lots have been written about this already, so I won’t repeat that, but beyond that – I created my first test project and wanted to deploy it, which didn’t work first time.

What was easily missed is that the deployment from Visual Studio to your BizTalk account uses SSL, established using the certificate you upload during the account creation. This certificate needs to be installed in your certificate store but if, like me and most others, you use a self-signed certificate, you must ensure you also install it in the “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities” store.

Without that the deployment from Visual Studio will fail with the error

The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.

Cross posted on the Solidsoft blog

About Yossi Dahan
I work as a cloud solutions architect in the Azure team at Microsoft UK. I spend my days working with customers helping be successful in the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

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