With over 15 years as a professional enterprise software developer and technology consultant, I have experience working in most industries across may business functions to deliver technology solutions that meet business needs. This has developed my deep understanding of enterprise technologies and the delivery challenges.

Having developed a real passion for the cross over between technology and business I have transitioned to solution selling, predominantly around public cloud with Windows Azure, integration with BizTalk Server  and Windows 8 applications.

I work with organisations to understand their challenges and drivers as requirements, identity appropriate technologies and define the solution with a balance of technical elegance  and business pragmatism.

Also find me on Twitter – @yossidahan

The usual disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily state or reflect those of Microsoft

3 Responses to About

  1. PeterNL says:


    You spell your employer like this: ‘Microsoft’, and not like: ‘Microsfot’
    For the better.

  2. Hi Yossi,
    Bit of an twitter/blog stalk perhaps, but don’t worry, I am mostly harmless! anyway, jokes out of the way, you gave a talk about Azure at Microsoft (Reading) a few months ago for Capita CSS. I was in the audience, and was really inspired about some of the projects and aspects of Azure you were working on. I know James (forget last name!) really embraced Azure with their project. I no longer work for Capita, but just wanted to touch base, say Hi, and will certainly follow your blog – some real architectural insights that are helping me for sure.
    Anyway that was it.. nothing too crazy.

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