Deploying WordPress to Azure?

I’ve been following the instructions here to deploy a WordPress site to Windows Azure.

The instructions were very detailed clear and the process is relatively painless, although I would recommend installing the SDKs using the web platform installer because it seems that some elements are sensitive to files locations..

For example, when I installed the Azure SDK for PHP I decided, for no good reason, really, to place it under the Windows Azurre SDK folder, so my path was C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK for PHP

When I reached the step to create the Azure package –

package create -in="C:\temp\WordPress" -out="C:\temp" -dev=false

I kept getting an error saying cspack.exe could not be found.

I checked and double checked the location of the file vs. the system path, and it all seemed fine, until I inspected the documentation, which suggested the code looks like this –

// Find Windows Azure SDK bin folders
$csPackFolderCandidates = array_merge(
isset($_SERVER[‘ProgramFiles’]) ? glob$_SERVER’ProgramFiles’] . ‘\Windows Azure SDK\*\bin’, GLOB_NOSORT) : array(),
isset($_SERVER[‘ProgramFiles(x86)’]) ? glob($_SERVER[‘ProgramFiles(x86)’] . ‘\Windows Azure SDK\*\bin’, GLOB_NOSORT) : array(),
isset($_SERVER[‘ProgramW6432’]) ? glob($_SERVER[‘ProgramW6432’] . ‘\Windows Azure SDK\*\bin’, GLOB_NOSORT) : array()


if (count($csPackFolderCandidates) == 0) {

            throw new Microsoft_Console_Exception(‘Could not locate the Windows Azure SDK. Download the tools from or using the Web Platform Installer.’);


$cspack = ‘"’ . $csPackFolderCandidates[count($csPackFolderCandidates) – 1] . ‘\cspack.exe’ . ‘"’;

This suggested to me that there were some assumptions made about the possible location of cspack.exe and that somehow my ‘setup’ was not catered for and indeed – after moving the Azure SDK for PHP folder to Program Files directly the package command worked just fine.

Another thing that I’ve learnt is how important it is to make sure the user was created correcly, with a schema that exists or that has the correct permissions – ALTER USER wordpress WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA = dbo works for me!

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