Using the Windows Azure Media Services Preview with the Azure SDK 1.7

A few weeks ago we’ve announced the public preview of the Windows Azure Media Services

Being a preview things are expected to be a little bit rough on the edges and in the media services casse this currently means account setup through powershell only until we release the portal-based experience.

The instructions on how to set-up a Media Services account can be found here; unfortunately these use the Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets, which – at their current version – do not support the latest SDK version (1.7) – fair enough, given that it was released last week, but I wanted to play now! Smile

Fortunately, though, only two steps require the cmdlets – 5 and 6 – and looking at what they do (download publishing settings flie and using it to create a Media Services account) I realised it’s quite straight forward to replace them with manual steps; here what I’ve done –

First – I needed to ensure you have a management certificate for the required subscription in the management portal – and I did. this certificate is required to remotely manage accounts and deployments.

Then I needed to download the publishing profile and the easiest way to do that is to browse to sign in and save the file that gets downloaded.

Next I needed to execute a couple of the Media Services powershell cmdlets, so I started with

Import-Module -Name ".\Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Management.PowerShell.dll

followed by

Import-MediaServicesPublishSettings and providing the path to the publishing settings file I downloaded earlier to the parameter when prompted.

With this done I could go back to the original instructions and carry on with step 7 onwards, resulting in a working Media Services account

Of course this is all very temporary, but if you do want to use it, and like me you only have the latest SDK, now you have no excuse!

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